January 10, 2013

Oregon man fakes being lost on hiking trip, may face criminal charges

Map of Oregon highlighting Malheur County
Malheur County Oregon
According to the Ontario Argus Observer, the Malheur County Sheriff's Office started a search and rescue effort – complete with a plane and 16 volunteers - on Jan. 8 after receiving a call that a man, on a 10-day hiking trip in the area, was lost. It just so happens that the man, 68-year-old Gene Pratt of Sandy, Ore., was sitting in a motel room, playing a prank on his wife, who worried that he might be lost.

USA - OR - Malheur County Sheriff (old style)

"These types of situations we're not really happy about," said Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe. "We had people out in the dark, the National Guard about to take off, and lots of people on slick roads."
Apparently, police are going to bill the man for their work and are considering pressing criminal charges for the hoax.

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