December 20, 2012

Woman finds shelter away from cougar inside stink box

A woman was out hiking with her dog recently near Boulder, Colorado. A mountain lion crept up on her to the point where she discovered the cougar only three feet away. So, what did she do? While making noise and raising her arms in the air, she slowly made her way over to an outhouse about 50 yards away and hid with her dog inside the honey bucket. Despite her attempts to scare away the mountain lion, the young cat apparently stuck around for several minutes before wandering off. Being young, it was probably more interested in the dog than her.

English: Outhouse in Woodland
Sugar Shack

Wildlife officers were not able to locate the animal but did find tracks confirming a mountain lion had been there. They deemed the behavior of the mountain lion to be "curious" and not aggressive, so no action was taken. Fortunately for this cougar, the term “curiosity killed the cat” does not apply.
The woman did the right thing by making noise and making herself appear bigger by raising her arms. Taking refuge in the poop booth didn’t hurt, either.
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