December 17, 2012

Lost fishermen resort to cannibalism in the Russian taiga

Back in November, two Russians were rescued after being lost for four months in the taiga wilderness. How did they survive? In part, apparently, by eating their comrade.
The taiga is found throughout the high norther...
The taiga is found throughout the high northern latitudes, between the tundra, and the steppes.

According to a Discovery News report, a group of four men disappeared in August on a river fishing expedition to the vast Yakutia region in Russia’s Far East, one of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world.
English: Taiga Forest near Lake Baikal, Russia...
Taiga Forest near Lake Baikal, Russia
Only two of the men were helicoptered to safety at the end of November. Bone fragments discovered at their campsite prompted investigators to open a murder case amid rumors of cannibalism. It now appears investigators are certain cannibalism took place.

During questioning, one of the two rescued men admitted to participating in cannibalism after the third man had froze to death, according to reports.
Cannibalism which took place in Russia and Lit...
Cannibalism  took place in Russia and Lithuania during the famine of 1571
The local branch of the Investigative Committee said they had flown out one of the rescued fisherman last week to look for the fourth man. They found the jeep the fishermen had driven into the taiga half submerged in a frozen river, but no sign of the fourth fisherman.
The men apparently covered roughly 94 miles on foot after the breakdown of their jeep.

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