November 12, 2012

It just goes to show – you never know who you will meet on the trail

November 12, 2012 - Brandon Musto, 37, who escaped this past Wednesday from Monroe prison's minimum security ward in Washington was found and arrested Sunday night in a wooded area near North Bend by a King County Sheriff's Office SWAT team and a police dog, according to the Sky Valley Chronicle.

A hiker on Rattlesnake Ridge Sunday afternoon encountered a man who looked out of place and asked the hiker to borrow his cell phone to call his mother.The hiker with the cell phone felt something about the encounter didn’t quite seem right so when he got home he did some online research and came to the conclusion he had spoken with the escaped prison inmate Musto.

The man who used the cell phone had left behind his mother’s phone number. The sheriff’s office verified that the number belonged to Musto’s mother and then sent out the SWAT team and the police dog to search. The escaped inmate at first tried to run and hide, according to authorities but he was eventually caught by the police dog.

Musto had only a few months left to serve on his sentence before he escaped. Now he may be facing a new charge and more prison time. He began serving his prison sentence in September 2011 after he was convicted of vehicular assault.