September 12, 2012

A few of Mt. Hood's many looks

Mt. Hood and Mirror Lake from Tom, Dick and Harry Mt.

As a wee pup I used to wonder why all the vehicles were parked along highway just west of the summit of the pass leading to Government Camp along highway 26. Anymore, there is barely a summer or fall weekend when the two parking lots right along the South side of the highway are not full of cars. Later, I learned it was the trailhead to a popular hiking destination – Mirror Lake.

It’s only 1.4 miles to the lake from the parking lot and well worth the modest uphill hike. Another 1.8 miles takes hikers to the western-most summit of Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain, where great views of Mt. Hood and Mirror Lake are found.

It is yet another angle from which Mt. Hood can be photographed. I have never been much of photographer but have clicked quite a few pictures of Mt. Hood from many different angles.

Here are some of them.
 From Gunsight Butte
 From near Bennett Pass

 From East Zigzag Mt.
From Indian Ridge near Rock Lakes Basin
 On the summit

From Lookout Mt.  
 From Lost Lake Butte

 From Mt. Defiance
 From Paradise Park
 From Potato Butte in Olallie Lake Scenic Area
From Rho Ridge 
 From Sheepshead Rock
 From Squaw Mt.
 North face
 From West Zigzag Mt.
 East face
 From near Palmateer Point
 From near Vista Ridge
From what was left of Rock Creek Reservoir