July 8, 2012

Switching from coffee to tea was not only a healthy choice, but also easy

My bride of 25 years told me about an article she read in one of her "woman's magazines" about losing weight and living healthier. What the "diet" requires is simply drinking specific kinds of tea each day, which supposedly prompts weight loss and antioxidation. I decided to give it a try.

My decision did not come without a heaping helping of trepidation. I figured that tea's caffeine combined with what would surely be my continuing need for coffee would send me into a state of uncontrollable shakes.

In retrospect, I didn't need both, and it was an easy transition away from coffee to tea. I figured I would miss coffee's flavor but discovered the taste wasn't what I needed - it was solely the caffeine.  Because tea has fair amount of caffeine in it, the switch was easily made on the first day of my transition without any craving for coffee. I've been drinking tea for about a month now and have not yet had any desire for coffee.

The tea's suggested to use in the "diet" are pu-erh and white. As for whether the combination of 2 bags of pu-erh in the morning and two bags of white around noon work, I have lost a few pounds over the past month. Whether the weight loss is due to the tea or just being more active is up for debate. Lingering struggles with meniscus knee surgery eased after I began drinking the tea, enabling me to sustain a regimen including more activity. Whether the tea actually helped my knee heal is also debatable.

What I do know for sure is my energy level is greater and my body feels better since drinking the teas.  Sweat as a result of physical exertion feels cleaner, not sticky. This appears to be the result of teas' antioxidants. And because I have no lingering hankering for coffee, the switch has been not only practical and healthy but also easy.