August 15, 2012

Our little secret lying east of Mt. Hood

On the east side of Mt. Hood, at the foot of the Cascades, lies nearly 230 acres of fun in the sun – at least a lot more blue sky days than what the Willamette Valley gets. Located on the edge of a zone, where Ponderosa Pines turn to Junipers, arid temperatures mingle perfectly with the cool waters of Pine Hollow Reservoir.

The lake is surrounded almost entirely by homes owned by both residents and those seeking a place to get away for the weekend. However, there is a shady campground and resort where people from all over gather to enjoy the lake. Its location close to Portland makes it a popular, yet not widely known, destination for those looking to get out of town.

The dam itself is 66 feet high and was completed in 1969. The lake's maximum depth is 60 feet when full and it sits at an elevation of 1,820 feet. It is partially drained in the summer months, the water used for irrigation. In the 70s, the area surrounding the lake
was partitioned and sold off in lots.

The lake's only boat launch is located on the Northeast shore near the dam. Bathrooms, a swimming area and small picnic site are located near the launch. The campground and resort are located along the lake's North shoreline. There, a restaurant and lounge overlooks the lake and a boat dock.
There is no speed limit on the lake from early July through Labor Day. The remainder of the year, boats must obey a 10 mph speed limit while fishing for rainbow trout and bass.