November 11, 2012

Sasquatch sighting downtown astonishes

I saw Bigfoot the other day. Yes, it was during the day. Why would a Sasquatch be out during the day for me to see? I can’t tell you why. I assumed they were primarily nocturnal. Maybe this one got night and day confused. Furthermore, the sighting occurred downtown, where you would never expect to see Bigfoot. It made me wonder whether humans are encroaching on Bigfoot habitat or Bigfoot is encroaching on humans. After all, so many folks claim to have seen ‘Squatch and their footprints that one can only assume that several ‘Squatch roam the woods.

Supposedly, in the late 1800s, near the city of Yale, British Columbia, a strange creature was captured that some called an immature Bigfoot. According to the website – Bigfoot lives, the creature reportedly stood 4’ 7” tall and weighed 127 pounds. While being transported the hairy, gorilla like critter mysteriously disappeared and was never heard of again.

English: Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear Yowie
English: Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear Yowie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Even before then, Pacific Coast Indians referred to these beasts living in the forests as “Sasquatch” meaning “wildman of the woods.” From Northern B.C. to California, “Sasquatch” was well known in Indian lore.

In1907, a steamship captain came upon a canoe full of Indians along the B.C. Coast. Apparently, the Indians were trying to escape a monkey like wild man that dug clams from the beach at night and howled while doing so.

Years later, a man named Albert Ostman told the story of being kidnapped by a Sasquatch and help captive for a week. People who knew Ostman said he seemed quite convincing. I think he just needed a vacation.

If you go to, you can actually hear several recordings of ‘Squatch, which are quite comical (the entire website is humorous, although it is not meant to be). The recordings sound like the jungle noises from an old Tarzan movie, with one said to be Bigfoot actually “whistling.” In the background of one recording you can actually hear music playing. The website also has a Bigfoot “sightings” database, where the count at the time of this post was 1,350 sightings. 
Bigfoot trap - February 2007
Bigfoot trap - February 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Oh yea, that Bigfoot I saw the other day was actually standing on a street corner and waving a sign that advertised bed mattresses.
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